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What’s here?


    I'm so glad you are visiting. Photos on the Web are like water over the gunwales; we are awash. My stuff is just an added drop in the sea. But maybe this site will get tossed up on shore somewhere like a messages in bottles. Hope you like the images and narratives.


     I will photograph almost anything, but nature takes priority. Shooting is usually at the Celery Farm, a small preserve in suburban northern New Jersey a bit over a hundred acres. Those photos are part of a chronicle of the seasons there, and some are assembled with narrative in e-books you are free to download.


    Secondarily, over fifteen years worth of my shooting on the streets of New York City has hasn’t produced a high keeper rate, but I have a small collection of photos I’m satisfied with. These are presented as well. For those with a high boredom threshold there will be some travel photographs, perhaps to compare with your own.

    Though it won't be of general interest, on occasion I will post some informal out-of-the-ordinary metallurgical observations (Metflix) made over a long research career in high temperature alloy behavior and processing. They will have technical content but will be comprehensible and maybe even interesting to non-metallurgists technically-minded. You might want to have a look in any case to see how some sausage is made.

_B100005-20-Enhanced AIN+AIS (1)_edited_
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